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How does it feel to be LOVED?

This one will be brief. Especially since the question posed is more rhetorical than literal.But first, some background.

The other day my wife, Betty, was cleaning up her inbox. She gets so many emails and seldom unsubscribes, so her email gets full quickly. While doing this she called me over to ask if I had any of “these” emails saved? The “these” Betty was referring to were the emails we exchanged as we first began to chatting with each other. I wasn’t surprised that Betty had the absolute first email from me dating back nearly 15 years (she is a romantic sort that way) but what shock I did feel looking at her computer screen was at what saving that email said to me. Brace yourself for this revelation – Betty really loves me!

Yup, that’s it. Sounds simple, maybe even stupid to some. But it got me thinking. I know how it feels to be afraid, anxious, angry, embarrassed, happy, shocked, tired, hungry and others but I did not know what it feels like to be loved.

As a couple for all these years we say that we love each other several times a day and these are sincerely said I love you’s. As Christians we are told of how God loves us and that God is Love and Love never fails. In our society at large we say/hear/text love all of the time. I’d love to see how many times a day the word Love is tweeted! We love our cars, our shoes, our new phone, our new iPad, our this and our that. Everything under he sun is loved by all and yet what does it feel like to be loved?

For me, if I had to answer this rhetorical and severely introspective poser, being loved feels like a sense of awe at the idea that another person looks at me and sees something of such value that they would save the first words I spoke to them. To think that they would see in me a person worthy of their time and attention and to consider that they would profoundly miss me if I were suddenly gone. Betty may never know what showing me that email meant tome (unless she reads this of course – lol) but I was humbled and surprised. Even as I write this I feel something inside myself that wants to laugh and cry at the same time. Something that makes me want to delete this and at the same time shout it from my roof top.

What does it feel like to be Loved? It feels humbling and uplifting all at once.

IMG_7169It’s an old saying but it bears repeating especially in the context of this subject –

It wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the Cross –

it was His Love for YOU!

I hope you can feel His love for you today and always,

be Blessed, Al

You May Be The Only One They See!

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players
William Shakespeare
When we step out of our door each day we are stepping onto a stage of sorts. Out in the public there is no where to hide and like it or not, we are being watched! As Christians we have a responsibility to be a witness for Jesus and the Good News.
Paul said it best when he stated that  “You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, recognized and read by everyone.”
We may be the only copy of Gods Word that some may ever read. They may very well judge all “Christians” by our actions. The Devil is called the accuser of the brethren which means he is out there just waiting for us to trip up so he can point it out to everyone. “They SAY that they are Christian but did you see what they just did?”
Our witness is all we have. Even though we know that we are not perfect. Christ is doing a great work in us for sure but we are not yet there. Others in the world can have the impression that we think we are perfect, or at least better then them. This gives opportunity to the Devil to come in an point out our imperfection. Add to that those who behave totally contradictory to what the Word says and we have daunting task ahead of us to effectively spread the Good News of Jesus.
So, go ahead and step out onto that stage and let your light shine!
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16 KJV